We are so excited and happy to announce, that our debut album came out on 3rd of December 2022!

12/3/20221 min read

It's crazy to think that we finally released our Gently sailing. Album is representing our journey, that started 3 years ago, when we recorded our first single »To find a Place« during the pandemic.

But fortunately, we don't have the pandemic anymore, but we have our debut album Gently sailing! The journey of it actually started at the beginning of 2022, in Bejsmen studio, where we recorded our songs with producer Danilo Ženko, who recorded, mixed and mastered the album.
We are very honoured that two amazing musicians Vid Jamnik and Marko Črnčec joined us as featured musicians on »Fading Painting« and »(the hope of) Dawn«.

There were also a lot of amazing humans involved in the process:

  • Clara Philippzig as a designer and artist of the artwork

  • Sara Rezar as a photographer of the photo in the CD cover

  • Urška Lukovnjak as a photographer at the recording session

  • Nuša Knez, who proofread and helped us with the English

  • Katja Bobek and Nejc Birsa, who lended us the text for Overture Lege

  • Žan Hauptman and Marko Kocjan (Emkej), who advised us and helped us with the release

  • Ksenija Repina and Lutkovno Gledališče Maribor, who gave us the space and conditions for the release concert

  • Helge Hinteregger, who booked us for KickJazz Festival

  • our agent Alexandre Albessard and the whole team of Footprints Europe

And you, dear listeners, who support us from the very beginning and along the way.
Thank you for listening to our music.

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Some moments from our recording session (photographs by Urska Lukovnjak)